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Bodhi Shankara

What is Bodh?

In this world we often find ourselves swinging between extremes. We are either chasing after things tirelessly or getting stuck in one place. We go from feeling strong and empowered one moment to down and depressed the next. Our minds race with too many thoughts or go completely blank.

But in the middle of all this chaos, there's something called "Bodh." Bodh is finding calm within a storm. It is accepting life in all its diverse forms and skillfully balancing its ups and downs. 

Bodhi Shankara

Imagine Bodh as a state of higher awareness that allows you to engage with life consciously and experience it fully at the physical, psychological and spiritual levels. 


There's a bit of Bodh inside each of us, but it varies in strength. Every breath you take, every beautiful sight you see, every delicious taste you savour, every pleasant sound you hear, every comforting touch you feel, and every step you take is rooted in awareness. But this awareness is momentary. The goal is to expand this awareness across all facets of life and make it last.

How often do we find ourselves pushed around by circumstances, reacting without thinking or avoiding things, only to regret it later? Bodh teaches us to look deep into our thoughts, intentions, belief systems, values and emotions and treat them as mere tools to guide us through life.

By nurturing Bodh, 
We decide when to hold on to things and when to let them go,
We deepen our connection with ourselves and our surroundings,
And discover the joy and abundance that life naturally holds.


Satsang - Meet-Ups

Karyashala - Workshops

Shibir - Retreats

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Our mission through Bodh is to share simple practices for conscious living that can help you reduce stress and anxiety at work, in relationships and in your life.


Our vision is to help 100,000 people live a happy and abundant life using the benefits of conscious living.

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