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Satsang - Meet-Ups

Bodh Satsang is a friendly gathering of individuals who are seeking to enrich their lives by learning from each other's experiences and insights.

It is a safe space where you are free to express your thoughts, exchange ideas, share your personal stories, reveal your experiences and ask questions, all without fear of judgment. You will hear stories of struggle and success, of love and loss, of joy and sorrow. 

Here, you'll find that the simple act of talking and listening can make you think deeply, reflect on your own life, and gain new insights that can be applied to improve your work, your life, and your relationships.

But Satsang is not just about conversations, it is also about building a profound sense of community. It reminds us that our journey is intertwined with others, and their stories can guide us. Some may be ahead in this journey while some are just starting but we are all working towards personal growth. 


So if you are looking to embark on a shared journey of connection and consciousness, come join us in Satsang!

No events at the moment
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